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The mission of 4-State Printing is, always has been and always will be to provide the best services available in our industry for a fair and honest price to our customers and to support our local communities.

Thank you for supporting us - without our customers, we would not be here...

Dustin & Amy Andrews


We ship via UPS

Since 2011, 4-State Printing has been offering UPS Shipping and Drop Off service to Columbus and the surrounding communities.
If you need to track your package, get the tracking number and enter it in the tracking box on the left side of the page.
We have a limited selection of boxes and packing supplies available for purchase. If you have an odd shaped item or "Special" item, please have it packed and ready when you arrive.
If you come in with an un-taped package we have a minimum $2.00 fee for taping packages.
All shipping rates, delivery times and insurance coverage for your package depend on several variables and are controlled by UPS. 4-State Printing does is not responsible for the safe delivery of your package, we simply act as a third party offering the service.

Porch Pirates!?! What is that?

Well it is that time of year where everyone is buying online and having their packages delivered. So what is a Porch Pirate? Well when that package arrives via your carrier, they tend to leave it on your porch (front door or where ever). This is where the Porch Pirate comes in, they watch the drivers and pickup packages from your house. The problem of stolen packages has become a huge deal in the cities. Fortunately for you 4-State Printing (that's us) will gladly accept your packages and hold them for your convenience, we are charging $2 for this service. A plus of this service our carrier delivery time is normally between 1 pm and 2 pm daily during the week.


Delmas and Brenda Hall opened 4-State Printing in the fall of 1977 by printing short run jobs for local businesses. The Hall's held the shop to high standards. Nearly 30 years later in the fall of 2007 the Hall's retired and sold 4-State Printing to Dustin & Amy Andrews. Who do we print for? Anyone. Churches, Schools, Big Businesses, Little Businesses and individuals. If you need printing, we're the place to come to. We offer all sorts of printed materials like: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, multi-part forms, posters, church programs, labels, magnets, ink pens, self inking stamps and way too many other items just to list here. We also offer a full line of announcements and invitations, printed with either flat or raised inks, from one color up to full color or foil with special die cuts, its all up to you. We have added vinyl lettering and decal cutting. With this new equipment we can cut custom vinyl for your windows, magnets, yard signs, walls in your house and just about anything else that it will stick to.

Fair Book

For the last serveral years, we have had the honor of printing the Annual American Legion Cheorkee County Fair & Reunion Premium List. The 2017 booklet is currentley in the works.

Click on the image to download.

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