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- Area Schools Are Starting Soon -

Please keep an eye out as area schools are starting up next week and the kids will be out early (and very cranky - it might even look like little zombies everywhere).
They will be tired, irritable and cranky, much like myself when I don't get my daily dose of coffee. So be patient and if you're going to swerve make sure its not in their direction. Phones down, heads up (should be for everyday).

Porch Pirates!?! What is that?


To learn more about Porch Pirates and how they can be deterred click here.


Welcome & Thank You for choosing 4-State Printing.


We offer all sorts of printed materials: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, multi-part forms, posters, church programs, labels, magnets, ink pens, self inking stamps and way too many other items just to list here.


We also offer a full line of announcements and invitations, printed with either flat or raised inks, from one color up to full color or foil with special die cuts, its all up to you.


We have added vinyl lettering and decal cutting. With this new equipment we can cut custom vinyl for your windows, magnets, yard signs, walls in your house and just about anything else that it will stick to.


Our Mission


The mission of 4-State Printing is, always has been and always will be to provide the best services available in our industry for a fair and honest price to our customers and to support our local communities.


Thank you for supporting us - without our customers, we would not be here...

Dustin & Amy Andrews


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